Sal Bagliavio is the primary chef at Bailey’s Backyard from the day he opened the restaurant in October 1999. Before there was a Bailey’s, Sal owned a pizzeria in Danbury.  He learned his craft mostly on the job and also from his Italian-American grandmother growing up in Babylon, Long Island.


One day Sal took a drive around scenic Ridgefield and fell in love with this picturesque village.  He opened Bailey’s in what was a closed-down coffee shop; renovating the space himself.  His focus then, as it is now, was on casual, New American cuisine.  Sal has decided he would like to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with his three young children.  In addition, for a long time he has wanted to convert Bailey’s into a true farm-to-table restaurant saying:  “In Forrest, I have found someone I can stand with and carry out my goal,” Sal will work the front of the restaurant and as he likes to say: “Forrest will be executive chef, and I will be executive taster.”


Bailey’s Backyard opened in October 1999 in what was a closed-down coffee shop. The mission then, as it is now, was to offer refined, New American cuisine in a polished, relaxed atmosphere.


The next logical step in the popular restaurant’s evolution – taken in spring 2013 – transformed it into a true farm-to-table restaurant. The mission was expanded to include a commitment to creating a menu based on the freshest and finest local food sources: Meat and poultry from Shelton, Roxbury, Bridgewater and Newtown, produce from Ridgefield and neighboring farms, and fresh seafood from waters off Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York as well as from the Chesapeake Bay.

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